Machine Contingencies
Technologies for Better Habits and Better Health
Research Yourself
MACHINE CONTINGENCIES exists to help individuals understand their own lives better and develop plans to achieve their goals through technology.
Using Technology to Navigate a Healthier Path

Drug Addiction

Problem Alcohol Use


Second-hand Smoke
We specialize in developing feedback on secondhand smoke to promote clean smoke-free environments, whether indoors, outdoors, or in vehicles.

Depression & Anxiety

Environmental Quality

Sedentary Behavior




Monitoring and Feedback
By monitoring and controlling your own data, you will be able to devise personalized options to get real-time feedback and progress reports that move you forward.
Applied Behavior Analysis
Using proven principles of behavior, tailored programs of real-time behavior prompts and reinforcement may be designed to replace undesired behavior with desired behavior.
Be Happier.  Be Healthier.
Get more out of life.

Private Data
Users are entitled to be in total control of their data. Your data are meant for you and only you.  Companies and Governments should have to ask explicitly for access to your data.   Researchers are already held to this ideal; all projects with human subjects must undergo internal review.  All researchers must obtain your formal Informed Consent before your data can be used.   EVERYONE should have to do the same whenever your personal data are collected for any purpose.

The Machines are Coming
The pace of technology development is staggering. We must be prepared so we can ensure that our machines will be able to help us live, learn, adapt, grow, and survive in a changing world. We can't stop the machines from coming, but we CAN be partners and friends.  We can establish compacts to insure privacy, security, and mutual benefit, welcoming helpers, guides, tutors, experts, employees, and family members. We must trust them so that when the time comes, they will trust us. In short, we must face and make ready for MACHINE CONTINGENCIES.
MACHINE CONTINGENCIES is a research and development group established in 2019 by Dr. Neil Klepeis, a scientific researcher at the nexus of public health, behavior analysis, environmental science, and engineering.